8 week online custom plan

The 8 Week Online Custom Plan gives you a completely tailored package.
We start off with a questionnaire or personal call with me. This way I can completely customise a plan for your specific goals, results and timeframe.

Once that’s done, I will create your personal plans! These are then sent to you via email within 48 hours. They Include a full and detailed workout plan (gym or home), a detailed nutrition plan with specific meals, recipes and shopping list. You will be given my personal number and will check in with me every week with pictures, weight and measurements. This way I can make any changes needed to speed up your results! You can also contact me anytime, for any help and support you may need.

  • An initial telephone chat to talk about your goals.
  • A full gym-based training plan
  • A full nutrition plan
  • Shopping List
  • Recipes
  • Weekly telephone check in’s if needed
  • Weekly progress pictures & check ins via text/watt’s app
  • 24/7 access to myself for any help and support
  • The ability to change training plans/ nutrition plans throughout 8 weeks accordingly

Why does it work?

The hardest part for many people trying to make changes to their nutrition and training is knowing exactly what to do and where to start! Having a structured plan to follow, based completely around your schedule can be the difference between reaching your goal and going around in circles! That’s why I work with you closely online, keeping in regular contact, to ensure weekly targets and results are met!

How do get started?

Simply contact us by email below and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your consultation call.

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