Take your posing to the next level!

Have you watched countless you tube videos of the pro’s on stage and tried to re create their routines? Yep, I did too…..and I couldn’t understand why it did not look the same! This is because of several key factors: fluidity, transitions, posture, stage presence, walk…..that’s before the actual quarter turns and fixed poses!

To bring the absolute best package to stage you must incorporate all these factors and bring your own personal stage performance package. Although the fixed posing is the same for each competitor, how you display them and transition from one to the next differs for everyone.
With 8 years of stage experience and 5 years coaching experience, I have learned how to help countless bikini competitors find their most flattering poses, transitions and stage package.

All packages will cover:

  • Mandatory poses / quarter turns
  •  I walk
  • Stage Walk – front, back, to & from comparisons
  • Posture
  • Transitions
  • Fluidity
  • Stage presence & etiquette
  • Posing for your body type

One to one posing lessons (Dublin)

Beginners – First time competitors / no experience

Learn from the beginning. I will take you through every step of how to perform on stage. From the very beginning! No experience needed. You will be 100% ready and comfortable with your mandatory poses, personal I walk and stage package routine.

Usual sessions required: 3-6

Intermediate – Some stage experience / 1-3 shows

If you have already competed and would like to improve your posing. In the case that bad habit’s have been formed, I will work to correct these. I can work off your current routine or create an entirely new one.

Usual sessions required: 2-4

Advanced – Experienced competitor 3 + shows

Finely tune your routine and take your posing to pro standard levels. Working on the finer details to truly polish your stage presence package. Correct any bad habits and finely tune your transitions, fluidity and overall stage presence.

Usual sessions required: 1-3

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Online one to one posing lessons

Don’t live in Dublin or can’t visit regularly? I offer an online option via Zoom where you can complete you lessons entirely online, regardless of location!
You can also mix & match with the above. If the distance is too far for you to travel more than once, you can also complete as many sessions in person and as many online that you like.

If you are a beginner, you may want your first session in person and the remainder online! Please contact for further details.

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Bikini Posing Seminars

Seminars are held 3-4 times per year and based around the competitive calendar. Each seminar lasts 3 hours, with a maximum of 20 attendees.
We start of with a Q&A where I answer your question on all things BIKINI FITNESS!!! With help on how to get started, picking your coach, picking a bikini and tips on how I weight train. All of your questions regarding the sport will be answered in full! There are always fantastic goodie bags for all attendees with discounts and treats from the best brands in the business!

*Currently all seminars are Dublin based…. however, I am in the process of expanding to other counties.

The seminar will cover:

  • What to expect on show day
  • Quarter turns
  • I walk
  • Stage walk
  • Stage presence
  • Transitions
  • “Dry Run” of show day
  • NPC/IFBB criteria only
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