Let Ireland’s first IFBB Bikini Pro
Jessica Kavanagh help you

My customised online coaching is all about YOU!

I want to get to know you personally and find out exactly what you want to achieve so you feel absolutely amazing!

I will customise your plan based around your goals, timeframe, current schedule, and daily life. Don’t worry if you have limited time to exercise, struggle with meals and timings or have any other obstacles…we will overcome them together and I will create a plan to give you phenomenal results that are achievable and realistic for you to execute!

So here is how it works…

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Once you have signed up to the plan you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out. You will then be booked in for your video consultation. I will use this call to get to know you, find out your goals and conduct a full nutrition and exercise consultation. It is all this information that will help me create your customised plan.


I will then add you to my personal app. This is where you can contact me via private message whenever you need me for help and support. You will also use this platform to access your workout and nutrition plans, check in weekly with stats and pictures, monitor your progress with charts and results analytics and update me with your own private meal diary.


Once you are all set up on the app and I have completed your program, I will upload your full plan to your personal account.
You can instantly access your:
  • Customised Nutrition Plan
  • Customised Workout Plan
  • Weekly training and Nutrition schedule
  • Instantly view video demonstrations of all exercises
You will then use your account to:
  • Upload your first check in
  • Ask any questions you may have via the in-app messenger.
  • Schedule your mid-month video chat


Lack of accountability is the most common cause of failure when undertaking a new lifestyle change. That is why I am here every step of the way! You will check in weekly (on an agreed day) with weight, measurements, and pictures so I can closely monitor your progress and adjust where needed. The key to success is consistency and accountability.


Every 2 weeks we will schedule a video check up call. This will be the time to go over any areas you would like to improve, talk about how you are finding the plan and discuss any areas you would like additional assistance with. We can also have a good old fashioned motivational chat!


Every 4 weeks your plan is renewed, and full adjustments are made. Your video call will be another consultation. This is where we asses the previous month, discuss your progress in detail and set new goals for the month. You will then receive an entirely new plan, adjusted to achieve the goals set for that month.

I am with you every step of the way. I have created this online service to allow you to have the freedom to exercise on your own schedule, while still having the expertise, accountability and constant support of my in-person personal training.

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